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Human Resources, Payroll, Social Insurance, “Płatnik” (Payer) programme

When you do not know what the issue is, it is usually money...

Proper support of Human Resources and Payroll in a company, alongside a sense of comfort during diverse inspections, ensures a good atmosphere at work which translates into achieved targets. HR-Payroll documentation is very important for every employee not only today, but also in the future for their pension. This is why employees pay very close attention to such matters. We can help you through:

Human Resources support, including among others:

1. Maintenance and archival of HR documentation.
2. Compiling documentation linked to the commencement of employment for new workers
3. Preparing the scope of responsibilities and job descriptions of positions.
4. Preparing documentation connected with resignation from and termination of employment contracts.
5. Keeping a record of work hours.
6. Determining the right to employee benefits, including holidays, payments in lieu, bonuses and other.
7. Representing and providing explanations during inspections conducted by the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), Central Statistical Office (GUS), the National Labour Inspectorate (PiP), and the Voivodship Labour Inspectorate (WUP).
8. Preparing declarations for the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled People (PFRON).
9. Support with the “Płatnik” programme in the area of report documentation, update, preparing adjustments and clearing up irregularities.
10. Developing regulations.
11. Cooperation with the archive.
12. Managing social affairs.

Payroll support, including:
1. Preparing documentation necessary in order to calculate remuneration and preparing payroll list including all allowances and deductions.
2. Payroll calculations resulting from concluded employment contracts and civil law contracts.
3. Making transfers to employee bank accounts.
4. Preparing report forms for insured persons (RMUA) for every employee.
5. Issuing earnings certificates.
6. Determining rights to allowances and benefits due.
7. Preparing documentation necessary in order to calculate sick leave allowance paid out by the Social Insurance Institution (form Z-3).
8. Cooperation with the Social Insurance Institution in the area of employee support with the use of the “Płatnik” programme and preparing and providing explanations with reference to declarations, and corrections of declarations.
9. Preparing tax declarations as required by the law.
10. Keeping registers of earnings, allowances and records of debts.
11. Managing correspondence with the Social Insurance Company, bailiffs, and Tax Revenue Office.
12. Providing explanations during the course of inspections conducted by the Social Insurance Institution and Tax Revenue Office.