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Credit and leasing agency

When you have more business ideas than resources for their implementation...

There is a great business opportunity in sight!!! You have an idea, you have the knowledge, the experience, the willingness, health, a bit of luck — the only problem is no funds to start this fantastic business.
We have the right solution for you — we cooperate with banks and leasing funds in the area of credit, other bank products and leasing intermediation.
We can offer you the following:
1. Estimate the amount of funds necessary to achieving your goals.
2. Preliminary credit check and check of necessary collateral.
3. Simulation to determine the more advantageous solution — credit or leasing?
4. Preparing business plans.
5. Selection of the most advantageous credit or leasing offer.
6. Preparing credit applications for the needs of banks or leasing companies.
7. Assistance in preparing applications for financing within the framework of European Union subsidies.