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Control, vindication and liability trade

Financial liquidity — a sacred thing!

History knows many cases of companies, which from one year to another increased their turnover, their sales curves went up dramatically, stock turnover indicies went dramatically down, and suddenly — bankruptcy?!? Impossible? Possible! Someone forgot to control receivables. Today\\\'s market practically forces sales transactions anticipating delayed payment dates. This results in the necessity, on one hand, to trust the contractor, and on the other to control the settlement of receivables and their timely payment. Unfortunately, despite application of various contractor control procedures, there are cases of delays in payment of liabilities or even failure to settle them.
In order to help you maintain liquidity, we offer:
1. Monitoring of settlement of your receivables.
2. Telephone “reminder” — reminding the contractors about the necessity to settle accounts.
3. Developing ways of securing transactions with delayed date of payment and checking the trustworthiness of contractors.
4. Vindication of receivables, preparing submissions, representations before the court and in enforcement proceedings.
5. Securing payment of receivables in case of contractor’s bankruptcy.
6. Liability trade, compensations, cooperation with the National Debt Register (KRD) and the Register of Insolvent Debtors of the National Court Register.